Myself is one of the many characters appearing in New Beginning.


Myself, having a varied collection of powers, can shapeshift and does so frequently, though he usually appears in the form of a cat and conducts most affairs in the manner. He has also been known to assume the form of a teenager, approximately 188cm in height, lean, with a touch of scandinavian ancestry and varying degrees of elven traits.

Myself is well-known for a love of puns and wordplay. He runs a galactic empire, but it essentially governs itself the majority of the time. His workers, however, have made frequent declarations of insanity. It is not unheard of for him of construct nonsensical sentences.

According to his own account, Myself is autistic.


Unlike most entities in New Beginning, Myself's origins are mysterious. He is yet to speak of any source of his power.

At several points in his timeline, he was dragged to a specific point in time. With some assistance from Narrator, the present incarnation of Myself was able to return his past and future selves. Shortly after returning to their home times, they began to suffer from various forms of mental instability resulting from meeting so many of his other selves at once. Some even lost access to their powers and developed such severe hallucinations they had to be placed in a padded cell until recovery. Some have speculated that this effect may be lingering, leading to outbursts of incoherent rambling and inability to follow current events, leading to him attempting to sell drinks in the middle of a heated fight in which he was not participating. For this reason, he spends large amounts of time in privacy.