The Marvelous Miscreant
"Superpowered Staring Contest...GO!"
Vital statistics
Title The Marvelous Miscreant, Marv, The Headmaster, Ruler of Cykosha
Faction Listers
Species/Race Miscreant (Reality Bender)
Gender Male
Age 20
Status Alive
Homeworld/Base of Operations Cykosha
First Appearance New Beginning 3
Latest/Last Appearance New Beginning 23


The Marvelous Miscreant typically appears to be somewhat human most of the time save for his light grey skin. Occasionally, he will "wear" quartz protrudences or accents on various parts of his body.

Marv's generally appearance is that of a young man in his early twenties. He's tall, about 6' 3 and very thin. His eyes are a little larger than most and his hair is usually dark gery or white depending on his mood.


Marv is generally laid back and approaches most situations with a certain level of comical mischief. Only when friends, sibjects or family are threatened does he become serious. If severely provocted he can become enraged.


This is gonna take awhile....