The Narrator
" I've been watching so long I feel you all need to be able to

get the epic randomness that is I, The Narrator! "

Vital statistics
Title The Narrator
Faction Listers
Species/Race Human (Reality Bender)
Gender Male
Age 23
Status Alive
Homeworld/Base of Operations Earth (affiliations with other dimensions, universes and realities)
First Appearance New Beginning 21
Latest/Last Appearance New Beginning 23


Being able to bend reality at his will, he learned to control his abilities with the help of his imaginary friends, who he made real, and later the assistance of those he encountered throughout his many travels.

He has saved various dimensions and universes on several occasions, even halting a plot to enslave all reality to a villain.

Upon meeting Wulf and later Penultimate--whom he constantly refers to with various namesz--and followed followed them for companionship. He later discovered others with amazing abilities and decided to join them to thwart sinister events.


  • 6'3
  • Black
  • Black locs or dreds
  • Clothing depends on what he had on or what he changes into


The Narrator is as random as he is logical. Being a living paradox, it's often difficult for anyone to predict his next move. The Narrator prefers to be nonviolent, but will attack if needed, usuaLly giving a lesson, and random joke along the way.